Tenuta Sant'Apollonia
The Sant’Apollonia olive groves are set in the romantic and panoramic countryside of Valpantena (located in the north-east of Verona) and have undoubtedly contributed to the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
The first olive trees were planted in the Spring of 1994. After long and meticulous work the soil has been converted into a completely organic growing site.
Today, overlooking the expances of olive trees you can feel their grandeur and beauty. The synergy of love, passion and devotion has done the rest, allowing us to obtain an exceptional quality, recognized and praised by experts who have defined it as a mellow and delicate oil, intensely aromatic, bright green, in one word: fine.
The entire process behind the oil’s making has been executed with an eye for detail, starting with the olive harvest and ending with the packaging of the product.
The various steps are controlled to obtain the best result.

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