Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive varieties: Grignano, Frantoio, Leccino, Favarol.
The olive harvest: Hand-picked with limited mechanical intervention.
Method of extraction: Continuous cycle system, cold press.
Filtration: Decantation.
Ideal use: Delicious on traditional dishes, salads, pastas, shellfish, seafood, in sauces and on meat.
Ideal for making light, easily digested desserts and fine pastries.

Evaluation through the senses

Olfactory sensations: The smell is a fruity harmony, rich with grassy aromas and ends with hints of sweet almond.
Gustatory sensations:
Well balanced and mellow with sophisticated traces of almond, leaving a pleasant, spicy - bitter aftertaste.
The final perception of taste and smell spotlights the marvellously elegant harmony for all of the senses.

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