the history

of our estate

“synergy of

love, passion

& dedication"

the unity

of the family

Ours is a story "in the making," a still short, recent story that begins in 1993, when Marco, the founder of the company, decides to plant 1800 olive trees after purchasing uncultivated land. About half of them died in the first year, but Marco chooses not only to grow the missing ones again but to add even more. He believed it then, and we all three believe it now together. (photo pause) In 2015 we decided to expand the company with the first two vineyard plants in the Valpolicella production area, more precisely on the hills of Grezzana and Santa Maria in Stelle. The wine, like the oil, is the result of a whole year's hard work. The final product tells this: the commitment and effort, sunny and rainy days. It is the point of arrival, but our base is the earth. We are guardians of a corner of the world that we cultivate with passion, dedication, commitment, and love. We take care of it, day after day, and, despite the difficulties that nature can reserve for us, we respond with a smile, singing among the rows of vines and whistling among the olive trees, celebrating the unique dialogue that takes place between the plant and those which help it grow properly.

photo of Elia


patroness of




The name of our company comes from the union of what made it possible: Marco's work in his dental office and the life and work in the countryside, from which we all learned, knowing and respecting it. Santa Apollonia, in Verona, is the one who is probably best known as "The Tooth Fairy," the one who leaves a penny under the pillow of children when they lose a tooth. Less known, but no less critical for the choice of the name, is the fact that she is also the patroness of dentists: Saint Apollonia of Alexandria, a Christian martyr, who was captured and beaten to such an extent that her teeth fell out.